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Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Sanford, NC

Fear Free Certified

CPR & first aid certified


Cats don't like to be rushed into a relationship with a new person. Our professional pet sitters know the best way to a cat's heart is to let the cat approach on their own terms. Quietly reading a book on the client's sofa is a sure-fire way to make the cat comfortable enough to come on over.

About Us.

Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services were started because our Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic customers wanted trusted, quality people to care for their pets at home when they were unavailable. Unfortunately, we didn’t know anyone well enough to recommend. We felt bad telling clients to use Rover or other services because you can never be sure if the pet sitter is any good. We knew what we had to do.

We created our own Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service. All of our pet sitters are valued employees of Family Veterinary Mobile Clinic so we can ensure the quality of the care and service provided to you and your pets.

Now, when our customers ask if we know a good pet sitter, we can say YES with confidence!

Why choose in-home pet sitting over boarding?


Nobody wants to stay in a cage! Kennels are often noisy and the sounds of stressed dogs can make your pets anxious. With pet sitting, your pets get to relax in the comfort of home, with their normal routine, which prevents stress.


Skip packing your pets and all their stuff, driving to the boarding facility, and doing it all again when you get home. Just leave home with the keys in the lockbox and you’re set. We’ll take care of the rest!


Despite vaccination, respiratory diseases are common in kennels. Plus, our pet sitters are specifically trained to assess your pets’ health and to provide CPR and first aid if needed. You may not get the same level of attention or training at a boarding kennel where attendants are caring for many pets.


Having someone come or stay in your home deters break-ins while you are away. Your pets are comfortable at home and won’t be inclined to try to escape (a not-uncommon problem with some kennels).

Testimonials for our Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services

In our customers’ words…
King, totally relaxed for his home visit. He gets very anxious at kennels so his Mom decided to have us pet sit for him. King appreciates that. Schedule your pets' visits now.

King was so happy seeing them pull up. Alerting us, talking and barking at the door, tail wagging. We highly recommend, for all the reasons someone would for their family member – they care and it shows in everything they do.


King’s Mom

Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Prices

Prices include 2 pets. Additional pets are $8 each for all services except meet and greet (no extra charge). In addition to feeding, watering, cleaning, and providing potty breaks, our Professional Pet Sitters include a basic health check and medications, including injections and SQ fluids. We also take in the mail, take out the trash and recyclables, etc. at no additional charge. Ask us about other services you would like while we are helping you! Create an account by logging in to our Pet Care App. From there, you can request services. If you have questions, be sure to contact us.

Meet and Greet


First-time customers only

Meet your Professional Pet Sitter

Review your pets’ care plan

Get your key lock box

Credited to your first pet sitting service

Drop-in Visits


30-minute visit

Midday breaks for long time away from home

Potty training your new dog

Economical vacation option

Extra time included for more pets

Dog Walking


30-minute local walk

Buy 10 walks, get the 11th free

Exercise your dog when you can’t

Tire your dog out before entertaining guests

Add 15-minute blocks for $10 each

Standard Overnight


Pet sitter stays 9 pm to 6 am

Extra attention for each pet

Better home security to deter break-ins

More time for play and cuddles

Includes a mid-day visit if needed

Premium Overnight


Your pets’ Staycation!

Sitter stays 6 pm- 9 am

Includes a mid-day visit if needed

Maintain pets’ normal routine

Great for pets with separation anxiety or health concerns

Additional Services


What can we do for you?

Transport to daycare or grooming

Hikes outside the neighborhood

Extra time can be added to any visit

Please note: there is a surcharge for major holidays

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27330, 27332, 27505, 28326, 28394, 28327, 28387, 28374